Ring Solar Charger – Easy Installation and Review

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Do you want to buy a brand new Ring Solar Charger?

The Ring Solar Charger may be a safe mounting bracket with inherent Solar panels for the first Ring Video doorbell. Your push can keep charged round the clock with simply a couple of hours of direct sunshine each day.

Weatherproof style.

Straightforward to place along.

• Convenient power to charge and extend the lifetime of your Ring Video Doorbell’s battery (2020 release).

• Desires many hours of direct sunshine on a daily basis. the flexibility to recharge varies looking on device settings, motion notifications, and sun exposure within the placement location.

• Solely compatible with the Ring Video doorbell (2020 release).


Dimensions14.7 cm x 9.1 cm x 1.7 cm
Available colorsBlack
PowerSolar panels
Maximum Power Output0.57 W, 5.2 VDC
Operating Conditions  -40°C to 85°C (-40°F to 185°F)
Box IncludesSolar Charger Mounting Screws and Anchors User Manual
Ring Solar Charger

Setting up your Ring Video doorbell two solar Charger

Install the Solar Charger
Install the Solar Charger

Installing your Ring Video doorbell 2’s Solar Charger may be a easy operation. Scan down for a in small stages instruction.

Ring Video doorbell two ought to be uninstalled.

If you have already got a hoop Video push two, you need to uninstall it before putting in your Solar Charger. to get rid of the Ring Video doorbell two, follow these steps:

• Dispose of the protection screw.

• Take away the protective cover.

• Solar take off the mounting screws.

Ring Solar Charger – Easy Installation

Mount your new Solar Charger to the wall with the enclosed screws.

Please detain mind that if you are putting in the Solar Charger to a brick or stucco wall, you’ll have to utilize the enclosed wall anchors.

Connect your Ring Video doorbell two to the web.

Connect your Ring Video doorbell two to the Solar Charger within the following step.

• Unscrew the two screw terminals settled on the rear of your Ring Video doorbell 2.

• Place the wire instrumentation from the Solar Charger to a lower place the terminal screws.

Once connecting the Solar Charger to the screw terminals, check that the “Up” aspect of the terminal is facing you.

• Tighten the terminal screws once more.

Install the Ring Video doorbell two solar Charger.

The next step is to insert your Ring Video doorbell two into the recessed space of the Solar Charger.

• keep in mind to reconnect the retractile wire to the charger.

After inserting your Ring Video doorbell into the Solar Charger, fasten it to the enclosed bolts.

Complete your installation.

Reattach the protective cover to your Ring Video doorbell two and place the protection screw to finish your installation.

Install the Ring Video doorbell two solar Charger
Install the Ring Video doorbell two solar Charger

When it involves shopper security instrumentality for the house, Ring is quickly changing into a menage whole. It’s one among those security gadgets that creates our feverish life a touch less complicated.

The Ring assortment is growing. during this article, we’ll take a deeper scrutinize the Ring Solar Charger, a well-liked accent for his or her video push assortment. The solar array permits you to eliminate the necessity for ancient battery power for your push, yet because the necessity to plug it into your electrical system in favor of a lot of ancient push.

I think it might be the best addition to your house if you reside during a shared lodging, rental or temporary housing, since it’s simply razed, detached, and transported with you. So switch to Ring solar charger.


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