Renogy Solar Panel Kit – Amazing Review

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Do you want to install your newly bought solar panel and want to set it up in a few minutes?

Renogy solar panel kit is an impressive solar kit. A transportable sun array and one of the maximum rated gadgets in today`s marketplace is the Renogy 100 watt monocrystalline foldable sun suitcase.

What does Renogy Solar Panel includes?

Renogy solar panel kit includes 50 watt monocrystalline sun panels stressed out in parallel, a ten amp ViewStar PWM rate controller with an LCD virtual display, a ten-foot (12 gauge) cable with alligator clips, and a padded suitcase for garage and transporting.

The  panels, which generate a most running modern-day of 5.seventy one amps, are bodily related with a hinge that assist you to open and near the panels in seconds.

The transportable array is prepared with  extendable, aluminum palms that permit it to be adjusted to acquire the greatest attitude in the direction of the sun. When folded and saved withinside the protecting suitcase, the unit measures 19.nine inches tall, 27.2 inches lengthy and 2.four inches thick. The general weight is a conceivable 27.sixty five pounds.

While the Renogy 100 watt foldable sun suitcase is prepared to perform without delay out of the box. The wiring that got here with the unit comes with a couple of alligator clips. These paintings properly for tour trailers and different RVs with outdoors battery compartments, however now no longer so properly for RVs with indoors battery.

So, how does the Renogy 100 watt solar suitcase do in practice?

Very nicely. It transports easily, deploys quickly, and works nicely both for my part or in parallel with every other sun energy charging system. When related without delay to an old, RV/Marine 12 volt battery, the array generated an output of five.eight amps on a sunny January afternoon, better than the panel`s most rated output.

What I liked most of this kit?

On every other mainly hazy iciness afternoon. One characteristic that I surely like is that the controller is hooked up to a hinged plate that hangs vertically while the array is in use, this selection makes studying and adjusting the controller less difficult than maximum of the competition.

What I liked most of this kit?
What I liked most of this kit?

Overall, I am inspired with the performance, quality, and appears of the Renogy a hundred watt foldable sun suitcase. Monocrystalline sun arrays are the satisfactory that cash should buy and the frames that include the 2 50 watt sun arrays are rugged and durable. Constructed in Germany,

Renogy`s monocrystalline sun panels offer a totally excessive module conversion performance of 15.five percentage. Each panel is EL examined and not using a hot-spot heating guaranteed. The perfect output of the pair is 500 watt hours an afternoon that can absolutely price a 50 amp hour battery from 50 percentage in 3 hours, relying on daylight conditions.


The assurance is a 25-yr transferable energy output assurance: five-yr/ninety five percentage performance rate, 10-yr/ninety percentage performance rate, 25-yr/eighty percentage performance rate. The panels additionally include a five-yr fabric and workmanship assurance.

I am mainly thrilled with the pleasant of the Renogy ViewStar 10 amp price controller. Most sun businesses move reasonably-priced whilst deciding on a price controller for his or her transportable gadgets, however now no longer Renogy.

Renogy 100 Watt Monocrystalline Foldable Sun Suitcase
Renogy 100 Watt Monocrystalline Foldable Sun Suitcase

The ViewStar is a pleasant unit this is completely programmable and functions an LCD show which suggests now no longer simplest voltage and amperage, however additionally overall price time. Plus, not like maximum PWM price controllers which offer simplest 3 degree charging, the ViewStar gives 4 degree charging (Bulk, Boost. Float, and Equalization).

 Moreover, the controller is completely like minded with Wet Cell, Gel, and AGM varieties of batteries. These and different integrated functions of the controller offer precious safety in opposition to overcharging, over-discharging, overloading, short-circuits, and opposite polarity connections.

 Are there any cons or valid troubles with the Renogy sun suitcase?

 From the aforementioned worries approximately theft, there are simplest a few. Because of the connected price controller, you can`t go away the transportable array out withinside the rain, the moisture will damage the controller`s electronics. So if there`s any hazard of rain you`ll want to save the unit away (as an choice Renogy gives a comparable sun suitcase version however with out the ViewStar controller). If you’ve got got returned or shoulder troubles, then hefting the 27-pound suitcase might be a problem.

Personally, I discovered the suitcase clean to move and maneuver into place. However, the dimensions of the unit whilst now no longer in use might be an trouble if the quantity of garage area you’ve got got is limited. We hold ours saved withinside the backseat of our truck and that works nicely for us.

Of course, those worries are moot with regards to a rooftop sun panel and there`s the rub. If having a transportable unit that may be maneuvered and angled on the solar is essential to you or if a everlasting rooftop set up isn`t an choice on your RV, then the Renogy a hundred watt monocrystalline foldable sun suitcase is made to order.

So which business enterprise makes the fine foldable sun suitcase and gives the fine value?

 There are numerous transportable sun gadgets withinside the marketplace today, however if you`re seeking out pleasant, coupled with a notable warranty, then appearance no similarly than Renogy.

If you`re now no longer acquainted with this distinctly new business enterprise, Renogy, is American-owned and become based now no longer too lengthy in the past with the aid of using college students at Louisiana State University (unfortunately, all in their merchandise appear like foreign-made in China and Europe).

While Renogy gives a numerous variety of merchandise, they`ve surely made their mark withinside the boating and RV groups with their less expensive sun strength starter merchandise.

Indeed, nearly single-highhandedly, the business enterprise has made sun strength less expensive for the common RV proprietor with their sun starter kits.

Renogy Solar Panel Kits
Renogy Solar Panel Kits

Renogy solar panel kits

Performance: The Starter Kit will produce a mean of 2kWh of power in keeping with day (Based on five hours of direct daylight condition). The Cell Efficiency can attain 22%. The skip diode can make certain the panel has an fantastic overall performance in a low-mild surroundings and the TPT again sheet dissipates extra warmth to make certain clean output overall performance.

Quality: Advanced encapsulation fabric with multi-layered sheet laminations protects cells from bodily harm or distortion, enhancing mobileular overall performance and supplying a protracted provider life.

Function: The Wanderer PWM Charge Controller is like minded with 4 distinctive forms of batteries: sealed, Gel, Flooded, and Lithium batteries. It additionally capabilities superior 4-degree charging (bulk, boost, float, and equalization) to make certain your battery is effectively and appropriately charged to 100%.

System Protection: The Wanderer PWM Charge Controller has integrated safety to shield your systems, along with opposite polarity safety, battery overcharging safety, overload safety, and quick circuit safety.

Installation: This Renogy Solar Kit consists of the system essential for constructing a brand new system. The essential cables, Z-brackets, Solar Y Branch Connectors and pre-drilled holes at the again body of the panel permit speedy and stable mounting.

Renogy Solar Panel Kit - Amazing Review
Renogy Solar Panel Kit - Amazing Review

So I think Renogy Solar Kit is an amazing product. So just try it.


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