Download Ring App & Setting -Complete Guidance

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Download Ring App & Setting:

It’s easy to line up your Ring Solar Panel with the Ring app. Scroll down for a gradual tutorial. And easily Download Ring App & Setting step by step.

Step 1: Charge the enclosed battery.

The Ring Camera comes with a fast unleash Battery Pack in each the battery and star variants. Plug the incidental orange wire into a USB port to totally charge the given battery. once simply the inexperienced diode is lighted, the battery is totally charged.

Step 2: Install the Ring App. to induce the Ring app, go to:

• On your mobile device, navigate to the App Store (for iOS devices) or the Play Store (for automaton devices) (for automaton devices).

• hunt “Ring.”

• On your mobile device, transfer and install / Download Ring App .

Alternatively, go to Ring App on your mobile device.

Step 3: Produce or register to Your Account

If this can be your 1st Ring purchase, you’ll be prompted to form associate degree account.

• Launch the Ring app to form associate degree account.

• Click on “Create Account.”

• to ascertain a replacement account, follow the in-app directions.

Simply launch the Ring app if you have already got another Ring device put in.

Step 4: Choose “Set Up a tool.” choose “Security Cams” from the “Set Up a Device” menu.


Step 5: Use your Ring device to scan the QR code or mac ID barcode.

The QR code for your Ring star Cam Battery could also be settled on the within of the detachable  battery cowl.

• purpose your smartphone’s camera at the QR code or mac ID barcode on your Ring star camera. o This code is additionally on the merchandise box and therefore the fast begin Guide that comes along with your device.

• Center the code within the top-of-the-screen read of the phone camera.

• once the code is detected, a inexperienced sq. (for QR codes) or a boundary line (for mac ID barcodes) seems, and therefore the setup moves on to succeeding part.

Note: If you’ve got hassle scanning the QR code or mac ID barcode, opt for “Set Up while not Scanning” then “Ring star camera Battery Battery/Solar” to proceed with the setup.

Step 6 : Location setting

Indicate Your Location If this can be your 1st time configuring a hoop device, your phone can apprise you that the Ring app needs to utilize your phone’s location services to see your location. permitting the app to try to to thus can assist you enter your address. Enter and validate your address info within the app. Sure aspects of your Ring won’t operate properly till you select an exact location.

Step 7 : Decide Situation

Verify the situation of your Ring star camera. Option for “Indoors” or “Outdoors” betting on wherever you plan to line your Ring star camera. Choose whether or not your Ring star camera can face a window if you chose “Indoors.”

Note: If you purpose your Ring star camera at a window, you’ll greatly lower the reliable ness of Motion Detection.

Step 8 : Decide name

Provide Your Device a reputation to differentiate your Ring star camera Battery from alternative Ring devices on your account, provides it a novel name. you’ll be able to opt for one amongst the advised default names or produce your own by choosing “Custom…” at the lowest of the list.

Step 9: Install the Battery

Insert the battery into the Ring star camera with the flat metal catch towards the rear. the bulk of this catch ought to be close to the lowest. once the battery is properly put in, you ought to hear a ‘click.’ this means that the battery is firmly mounted. await your Ring star camera to show on for thirty seconds.

Download Ring App & Setting
Download Ring App & Setting

Step 10 : Start setup mood

Await your Ring star camera to enter Setup Mode. Once attaching the battery, your Ring star camera can enter Setup Mode. Once the sunshine on the front of your Ring star camera starts blinking blue, move to succeeding stage by sound “The light-weight is Flashing” on your Ring app/ Download Ring App.

If your Ring star camera doesn’t instantly enter Setup Mode once turning on, press and unleash the miscroscopic orange button at a lower place the battery cowl.

Step 11: Hook up with Your Ring Device

When the Ring app invitations you to affix the Ring local area network network, tap “Join.” Android: Your telephone set ought to be a part of to the Ring local area network network at once. If your device doesn’t at once be a part of to the Ring local area network network, or if you select to not scan in step 5, please proceed as follows:

• To exit the Ring app, press the house button on your phone.

• After Download Ring App open the Settings app, then opt for local area network. o On automaton, you may ought to move to association, then wifi.

• From the list of accessible networks, choose the Ring local area network network. The network can seem collectively of 2 things: Ring- followed by the ultimate six digits of the mac ID. gasket Setup, then the ultimate 2 digits of the mac ID. shut your Settings app and come back to the Ring app/Download Ring App once you’ve got connected.

Step 12 : Network connection

Connect Your Ring star camera Battery to Your local area network confirm you are on the point of your router which you’ve got your local area network watchword out there.

• opt for your local area network network. o If you’ve got over one local area network network, opt for the one nearest to wherever you plan to line your Ring star camera.

• Enter your local area network watchword and hit the Continue button. Please detain mind that once connecting to your local area network network, your Ring star camera can mechanically update its internal software system. The sunshine on the front of your smartphone can flash blue whereas associate degree update is being performed.

Whereas this update is running, don’t disconnect your device. once the blue light-weight stops flashing, open the Ring app and hit “Continue” to begin mistreatment your Ring star camera.

Step 13 : Place your camera to its place

Place Your Device to the check once your Ring star camera Battery/Solar has been updated and designed, put together your Ring star camera’s motion zones then use Live read to check your camera.


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