How to Install Ring Doorbell Without Existing – Efficient Guide

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Do you know how to Install Ring Doorbell Without Existing ?

Many video doorbells require hardwiring, which means you’ll have to replace an existing doorbell to power them. Ring, on the other hand, features a battery-powered doorbell that can be put anywhere.

Here’s how to install a Ring doorbell in the absence of an existing doorbell. After charging the battery in your Ring doorbell, you may begin installing it. Before that, if you already had a doorbell, you may visit How to Install Ring Doorbell – Helpful Guide. Also learn about Impressive Ring Doorbell Chime.

Before you install your doorbell, make sure you download the Ring doorbell app and set up your Ring doorbell account.

How to Install a Ring bell in the Absence of an Existing Doorbell

Step 1: Select a place for the doorbell that is at least 4 feet from the floor and at a height that provides an adequate field of view. To modify the position of the Ring doorbell, use the level tool.

Step 2: Using the Ring video doorbell faceplate as a template, mark the four locations on the wall for putting the screws to fasten the doorbell and another larger point in the middle for running the wires for the Ring doorbell’s indoor power adapter because there is no existing doorbell.

Step 3: Using a tiny drill bit, drill four holes in the screw positions specified. Drill a larger hole in the center to accommodate the adaptor cables for the Ring doorbell. If you are not putting doorbell on brick, stucco, or concrete, you may not need a drill.

How to Install Ring Doorbell Without Existing

Step 4: Use the screws and anchors included in the package to secure the Ring doorbell faceplate.

Step 5: Thread the indoor power adapter cable through the wall and attach it to the two screws on the Ring video doorbell’s faceplate.

Step 6: Carefully move the Ring bell into place on the mount.

Step 7: Tighten the two screws beneath the doorbell to keep it securely in place.

Step 8: Connect the Ring Chime to a power outlet in your home.

Step 9: To activate the doorbell, plug the indoor power adapter linked to your Ring doorbell camera into a power outlet.

Thus, your Ring Doorbell is installed like professional at a glance.


Is it necessary to hardwire the Ring ?

Except for the Ring Doorbell Pro, most Ring bell models do not require hardwiring. You may make it operate off its battery totally. Because it connects to a Chime over Wi-Fi, you can simply mount it and link it to the Chime. The battery should last six to twelve months before needing to be recharged. If you purchase an extra battery, you can be confident that there will be no downtime and that your front porch will be always monitored.

How to Install Ring Doorbell Without Existing – Efficient Guide

Which Ring Bells Do Not Need Wiring?

The Ring (Gen 1), Ring Bell 2, Ring Video Doorbell 3, and Ring Video Doorbell 3 Plus all include inbuilt batteries that can power the device for an extended period of time. This implies they are not required to be hardwired. The Ring Doorbell Pro, on the other hand, must be hardwired at all costs.

Does the Ring require a resistor?

If you connect this Doorbell directly to a low voltage 8-24V AC transformer, you’ll need a resistor. It can only be an alternating current transformer. DC transformers cannot be used. If you’re thinking about doing this, you’ll need some wiring and soldering skills. Attempting to connect up this Doorbell this way without a resistor is a significant fire hazard, so make sure you have one that suits your electrical wiring. Otherwise, it would be simpler and safer to engage an expert to do it. To do this task, use a professional electrician. Alternatively, you might utilize the built-in rechargeable battery to power your Ring.

How to Install Ring Doorbell Without Existing

Can this Doorbell be used in conjunction with a Mechanical Chime?

The Ring bell is completely compatible with a Mechanical Chime. Ring has its own exclusive Ring Mechanical Chime. You may still use any mechanical chime that matches the transformer voltage, which must be between 8 and 24 volts. To correctly install the Mechanical Chime, utilize the Wiring Diagram below.

Does the Ring bell require mains power?

No, the bell does not require mains electricity. Your Ring Doorbell is totally powered by an inbuilt rechargeable battery.


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