How to Install Ring Doorbell – Helpful Guide

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Are you worried about how to install Ring doorbell?

These days, the Ring push could be a social unit complete in home security, and for valid reason. one amongst the primary good doorbells to hit the market was Ring, that reworked doorbells into standalone security systems. some years and plenty of new versions later, Ring doorbells for home security ar growing progressively fashionable. Ring detects motion to perform.

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When it detects somebody or one thing else at your front entrance, the push lights up and alerts you—even if the visitant does not ring the push. you will use the doorbell’s camera to look at what is happening at any moment, and you’ll additionally use the mike to speak. Ring doorbells escort everything you would like straight out of the box and ar straightforward to put in.

Installing a Ring Video Doorbell:

1. Compile tools

2. Recharge the battery

3. Access the web

4. Recharge the battery

5. Take out the old doorbell

6. Add a mounting bracket

7. Connect the doorbell wires (optional)

8. Install a Ring doorbell

9. Bring back electricity

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1. Compile tools

Every Ring push kit comes with varied accessories, they continually embrace installation directions, a screwdriver, screws, a charging twine (if necessary), and just about everything else you would like to put in your push.

If you’ve got to screw your Ring push into brick or stucco, you may additionally need a drill. to form that method less complicated, the Ring Video push two and therefore the Ring Video push professional each have a selected masonry drilling bit. so as to help you in removing your previous push, we have a tendency to additionally advise that you just have a box cutter or flathead screwdriver on obtainable.

2. Recharge the battery

How to Install Ring Doorbell – Helpful Guide

Battery ought to be charged.You don’t know how to install ring doorbell ? Then you will skip this step if you are putting in a ring Video push professional. when removing the packaging from your Ring, realize the battery and connect it to electricity mistreatment the enclosed charging wire.

We’ve discovered that tho’ the battery within the Ring two is meant to be removed simply once the push has been placed, it is difficult to try and do thus. we have a tendency to advise you to get rid of it by holding it up against a flat, surface, like a wall.

The battery is motor-assisted in being pushed out of the wall and into your hand by gravity. you must notice a red light-weight and a inexperienced light-weight once your battery is obstructed in to indicate that it’s charging.

Be patient; charging would possibly take four to 6 hours. The red light-weight can detonate when the battery is totally charged, providing you with the “green light” to start installation. until the red charging indicator on your push battery stops flashing, charge it.

3. Access the web

To connect your Ring Video push to your home’s Wi-Fi network, transfer the Ring app and cling to the on-screen directions.Do you want to know? How to Install Ring Doorbell ? It simply takes some minutes to line everything up and connect due to the app’s bit-by-bit directions.

Establish a ring Account

You must register with Ring once you have downloaded the acceptable Ring push app for your device. The procedure of making associate degree account is easy. after you at the start launch the app, simply hit produce Account and so proceed as taught.

Your name, address, and email address are going to be needed, in conjunction with another personal data. Click produce Account when making a parole. Once you have verified that you just did, in fact, produce associate degree account, you will receive a confirmation email, and you will then be able to physically install your Ring device.

Install the new Ring Device

Do you want to know? How to Install Ring Doorbell ? You may begin putting in your new Ring push device as presently because the Ring package has been downloaded to your smartphone. The Ring app can guide you thru adding a brand new device in a|during a|in associate degree exceedingly|in a very manner just like making an account, however if you get confused, these directions is also of help.

  1. Start the Ring app, then choose got wind of a tool. Before you begin this method, check that that your Ring push is totally charged.
  2. Decide what reasonably device you would like to tack together. Specifically, doorbells do you know ? Use your new Ring push to scan the code. The item and therefore the package it had been shipped in each embrace the code. the choice to line up while not Scanning is out there if you’re unable to find the code to scan or if it’s been misplaced.
  3. A reputation for your contrivance, like front entrance, Back Door, etc, are going to be requested of you. you will even like better to provides it your own name if you’d need.
  4. Next, you need to offer your address. If you choose to shop for, this may be utilised for observation services. If you plan to use the Ring observation service, some cities may have you to get associate degree alarm observation allow.
  5. Do you want to know? How to Install Ring Doorbell ? Then, push and hold the orange button on the Ring push device’s back. once the Ring device is in setup mode, the sunshine on the front of the device ought to begin to spin white.
  6. The Ring app should launch the setup procedure automatically. First, establish a Wi-Fi network connection with your new doorbell. To establish this connection, you might need to exit the Ring app. In such scenario, open your Wi-Fi Settings and choose the Ring-starting device; a series of numbers will appear after the dash. Then, go back to the Ring app to continue.

Where and how to access your Wi-Fi settings will depend on the device you’re connecting with. Typically, it takes a route along the lines of Settings > Connections > Wi-Fi.

8. The Ring device will urge you to choose your network after you are connected to it. Enter your WiFi password after locating that under Wi-Fi Settings.

9. Your Ring doorbell’s light will start flashing once more. Your device is linked when the light flashes blue four times, and mounting the device may now be done.

Wi-Fi connection to Ring Doorbell

How to Install Ring Doorbell – Helpful Guide

It’s recommended to set up the Wi-Fi while the doorbell is near to where it will be permanently installed. As a result, you are aware of whether the Wi-Fi signal is strong enough there. If the signal is poor, you may buy a plug-in Wi-Fi extender and put it in front of your front door to improve it.

Then do it consider purchasing the Ring Chime if your Wi-Fi connection simply isn’t strong enough to connect to your Ring video doorbell.

Boosts Wi-Fi signal, plugs into a regular outlet, and functions as a doorbell chime.

4. Turn off the power

Turn off the electricity to your doorbell at the breaker box in your house, which is often located in the garage, basement, or back of your house. Given that you’ll be dealing with exposed wire, this is for safety concerns. If you don’t already have a doorbell and won’t be messing with wiring, skip this step.

5. Take out the old doorbell

To reveal the screws, take off the faceplate of your previous doorbell using a boxcutter or screwdriver. To reveal the two power lines, unscrew the old doorbell from the wall and carefully take it out. Remove the old doorbell entirely by loosening the screws that hold the wires in place.

6. Add a mounting bracket

The two doorbell wires should now just protrude from the hole where your old doorbell formerly was in your wall. Then, open the Ring app and the doorbell’s live video stream before you install your mounting bracket.

• To ensure you’re achieving the desired angle, hold your Ring Doorbell up against the surface over the hole in the same location where you’re going to place it. Then, verify the image on your phone. If not, now is the time to tilt the camera up, down, left, or right using one of the angled mounting brackets.

• Once you’ve chosen a location, check that the mounting bracket is straight with the provided level tool, then mark the spot for the new screw holes with a pencil. Remove the level once they have been noted.

When connecting the mounting bracket, take care not to overtighten the screws or it may flex, making it difficult to snap your Ring Doorbell into position.

7. Connect the doorbell wires (optional)

How to Install Ring Doorbell – Helpful Guide

You may now connect those two doorbell wires to your Ring if you wish to link it to your existing doorbell chime in order to extend its battery life or make it sound when a visitor hits the doorbell button.

You may skip this step if your doorbell doesn’t already exist. You experience a classic doorbell, but you don’t know how to install ring doorbell ? you should read this content and be sure to get a Ring Chime. When someone is at the door, you may also rely on phone alerts to let you know. First, remove the two screws from the mounting bracket that are right above the hole in your wall where the wire protrudes. Then, using one of the wires, wrap each screw with it.

8. Install a Ring doorbell

Finally, the fun part has here. Just above the bracket, position your Ring Video Doorbell, and then press down and in until it snaps into place. On this phase, a little force is acceptable.

Use the wire extensions and wire nuts that come with Ring to lengthen any cables that are too short from your original doorbell. Simply align each doorbell extension with one of the wires and tighten the wire nut by turning it clockwise. Next, repeat the same with the other wire. If your present cables are too short, twist the provided wire extenders onto them.

9. Bring back electricity

It’s time to turn the breaker back on so your gadget can operate. Verify that everything functions by testing it out. Remove the faceplate and check your connections again if your Ring Video Doorbell is connected to your inside chime but isn’t sounding. (If your digital chime has to have its diode reversed, doing it now is a smart idea.) Using the little end of the supplied screwdriver, secure the two provided security screws into the faceplate’s bottom if everything appears to be in working order.


If you don’t have time to read the whole block, read this summary.

• Download the Ring app to your computer, tablet, or smartphone, then register for a Ring account.

• To configure your Ring Doorbell, use the Ring app and adhere to the onscreen directions. The orange button on the Ring’s rear should be pressed and held.

• Complete the configuration on the Ring app, mount the bracket, and attach the doorbell.

Thus, Your Ring Doorbell has been successfully installed. You may now experiment with features, configure motion detection and night vision settings, pick the notification types you desire, and choose the locations your camera should cover using the Ring app.


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