Amazing Blink Outdoor Camera Review 2023

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Blink Outdoor camera

All three of Blink’s camera types are compatible with Amazon Alexa and are quite similar to one another. The main selling point of Blink is its extraordinary two-year battery life. You can run a Blink camera until the middle of the 2020s on only two AA batteries, which you presumably already have someplace in your home.

Blink cameras generate high-quality video, clear audio, and configurable settings that make it simpler to check your property despite their extended battery life and affordable price. And all of Blink’s cameras are compatible with Amazon.

Amazing Blink Outdoor Camera Review

Blink Outdoor Analysis

Video qualityUp to 1080p HD
Field of view110 degrees
Night vision typeInfrared LED
Connectivity2.4 GHz Wi-FI
RatingIP65 weather rating 
IntegrationsAmazon Alexa, IFTTT 
Operating temperature-4º to 113º F (-20° to 45° C) 
Battery2-year battery life and AA battery-powered 
StorageCloud, Local 
Two-Way AudioYes 
Mechanical Pan/TiltNo 
Night VisionYes 
Warranty1-year limited


Easy installation

All 3 of Blink’s cameras square measure a chunk of cake to line up. The blink outdoor camera outside and also the Blink Indoor don’t have any wires or plugs to stress concerning, therefore you’ll be able to place them around anyplace. and also the Blink mini uses Associate in Nursing nonobligatory swivel represent straightforward positioning.

Blink’s cameras also are uniformly light-weight and pretty little in size, therefore you’ll be able to hide them simply if you don’t need potential thieves to identify your spy. to be told stepwise installation, scan a lot of on.

Amazing Blink Outdoor Camera Review

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Sensible two-way audio

With two-way audio, you’ll be able to converse with neighbors in your yard and listen to what they need to mention. The two-way audio on the Blink outside is passable; amazing blink outdoor camera does not sound sort of a machine is talking to you thru a will.

However, the Blink Outdoor’s incoming audio struggles in windy conditions. you’ll be able to hear each wind current of air that touches the mike as a result of this camera does not have noise cancellation.

Sensible image quality

The 1080p HD resolution employed by amazing blink outdoor camera permits you to check clear details on your neighbor’s wear or the expressions on your children’s faces. On the opposite aspect, its visual modality is not therefore sensible.

In visual modality mode, this camera includes a nasty habit of laundry out faces, creating it not possible to differentiate between your spouse equivalent and a stealer. The visual modality vary of the Blink outside is likewise not terribly nice. once something is quite 10 feet from the camera, amazing blink outdoor camera becomes perceptibly a lot of hazy.

Amazing Blink Outdoor Camera Review

Blink Outdoor Camera Review At A Glance

What we liked
  • Two-way audio
  • reliable performance in videos
  • No semipermanent contracts
  • long biennial battery.
  • affordable home security
  • 1080p sharp video
  • native and cloud storage
  • long battery
  • easy to line up
  • The sensitivity of motion sensing
  • non-public areas
  • Integration of Alexa with IFTTT
What we didn’t liked
  • Continue button
  • unhealthy quality visual modality
  • A restricted field of read
  • desires a hub
  • doesn’t support Google Assistant or HomeKit
  • No free cloud storage

So, for best home security, You must try Amazing Blink Outdoor Camera.


  1. Do Ring-compatible Blink cameras exist?

No, Ring cameras and Blink cameras operate on entirely different systems and are incompatible. However, the Blink Home Monitor App does integrate with Ring’s Neighbors service, allowing you to view videos that other camera users have recorded in your neighborhood. The movie must first be downloaded before being manually uploaded.

2. Are Blink cameras water resistance?

Only the Blink Outdoor, which has an IP65 weather classification, is water-resistant.

3. Google Home and Blink cameras are they compatible?

Not at this time. The gadgets made by Google and Amazon, which own Blink, are frequently at odds with one another and have compatibility issues.

4. Do Blink cameras continuously record?

Amazing blink outdoor camera Reviews will record brief clips based on movement since they are triggered to switch on using motion detection. You may opt to have the cameras record while the system is armed or manually record using the Live View, depending on whether you have a Blink subscription plan.

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5. Are Cameras made by Blink wireless?

Despite the fact that all three of Blink’s cameras are wireless, only two of them are completely wire-free. Even so, “wireless” here just refers to the connection to your internet network.

6. Does Blink charge a monthly subscription for cameras?

The basic functionalities of your amazing blink outdoor camera are available without a membership. But yes, a membership is necessary if you want to use cloud storage with Blink cameras. But if you purchase the Blink Sync Module 2, you can forego the subscription in favor of local storage. You don’t need to pay a monthly charge, and your film is stored on a flash drive.

7. Can I use my computer to access my Blink system?

The purchase of newer cameras and the Sync Module 2 allows you to save up to 256 GB of files on an external USB drive, however you cannot presently access your Blink system from your computer. You may take the disk out and use your computer to see the files. All camera and system settings, camera scheduling, and clip-sharing features are available via the Blink mobile app.

Amazing Blink Outdoor Camera Review

8. Can I add more than one device to a Blink system?

Ten devices can be added to each Blink system controlled by a Sync Module. The Blink Mini may be added to the Sync Module’s controlled system as one of its 10 devices or can run its own distinct system. The total number of devices covered by a amazing blink outdoor camera Subscription Plan for cameras is infinite, however each Sync Module only controls a maximum of 10 devices.

9. Blink uses what sort of batteries? Is it simple to change them?

Size AA 1.5 volt Lithium non-rechargeable batteries power Blink cameras. Batteries for the battery-operated cameras are included, and they are simple to change as necessary. Simply remove the old batteries and put in the new set after opening the battery compartment.

Without your involvement, the gadget turns on and resumes communications. Energizer Ultimate size AA 1.5 volt Lithium non-rechargeable batteries or their equivalent should be used to swap out the batteries in Blink cameras. Here is where you can buy these batteries.

Rechargeable Lithium Ion (Li-ion) batteries should not be used since they might damage your camera.

10. What is the farthest distance at which Blink cameras can detect motion?

All blink cameras have a maximum motion detection range of about 20 feet. The app sensitivity level, camera positioning, object size, infrared lighting, and object temperature are a few variables that affect motion detection.

Amazing Blink Outdoor Camera Review

11. Can a Blink camera see through glass or windows to detect motion?

Motion on the other side of the glass cannot be successfully detected by the Blink PIR sensor on the XT and XT2 cameras. To use Blink’s Live View feature, some users have mounted cameras such that they are staring out a window or through a glass door. Through glass will only reliably activate with motion on the near side of a pane of glass since it reacts to heat on that side.

Since mini cameras employ pixel difference analysis rather than IR heat signatures, they can detect motion through glass to some extent. Amazing Blink Outdoor Camera can only be accomplished in a very small number of circumstances, such as when there is light and the camera is placed as near to the glass as feasible.

12. How much data is consumed by a single clip?

The average size of a five-second motion clip with audio is 750 KB. This is significant to know if you want to watch videos via cellular data rather than WiFi. A 256 GB USB drive will be completely filled after storing about three hundred and forty thousand (340,000) motion clips that are only five seconds long.

13. Where are video clips preserved?

A free trial membership to the amazing blink outdoor camera Plus Plan is available to new gadget users, allowing them to keep an unlimited amount of clips in cloud storage. By default, clips are erased automatically after 60 days (30 days max in EU and UK). When clips are automatically destroyed, you may choose between 3, 7, 14, 30, and 60 days (30 days max in EU and UK).

You will continue to have access to free cloud storage and other benefits for any devices set up on your account if your account was created on or before April 15th, 2020. 7,200 seconds are provided to you for recording on each Sync Module.

14. Can my system arm and disarm on its own?

You can, indeed! You may program periods in advance for the system to automatically arm or disarm for motion detection using our scheduled arming option.

15. When I’m in Live View mode, can I record?

Live View sessions can be saved to your clip roll if you have a subscription.

16. Are Blink gadgets Bluetooth-enabled?

No. Instead of Bluetooth, Blink devices only work with 2.4 GHz Wi-Fi and its in-house Low-Frequency Radio.

17. Can a Blink System still have a Siren added to it?

Sirens are obsolete technology, and amazing blink outdoor camera app’s current version no longer supports them. Making ensuring that your Blink app is updated to the most recent version is crucial. If you have any more inquiries regarding Blink Sirens, kindly get in touch with support.

18. Will my battery-operated camera still work if the power goes out?

Wi-Fi and a Sync Module must be connected in order for battery-powered cameras to function. After a power outage, Blink Outdoor and Indoor (gen 2) will try to capture the first motion event and send that footage to the cloud once the system is back up. However, the “offline” or “power-out” recording feature is unreliable. Please make sure both are constantly accessible because system issues might be caused by power and internet disruptions.


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